Forced marriage

The cases identified here provide examples of the way judicial officers have dealt with some of the issues raised in the context statement.

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  • Kreet v Sampir [2011] FamCA 22 (18 January 2011); (2011) 252 FLR 234; (2011) 44 Fam LR 405 – Family Court of Australia
    Cronin J at [39] and [43]: ‘[D]uress is not defined in the Act, but there was no reason to give it any other meaning than that which is normally known to the law. It must be oppression or coercion to such a degree that consent vanishes: In the Marriage of S (1980) FLC 90-820’. Here, ‘the wife’s physical state at the time of the ceremony was such that she was physically and mentally overborne. Her consent was not real because it was obtained by duress’.