Forced marriage

  • Anti-Slavery Australia, My Blue Sky (2015).
    ‘My Blue Sky is Australia’s first website dedicated to forced marriage prevention, information, referrals and legal advice. The site empowers vulnerable people and those who support them to access resources, links to Australian support services, and direct legal assistance through phone, text message, email and secure online locker room. My Blue Sky is an Australian Government funded initiative of Anti-Slavery Australia’. The website also provides information about the meaning of forced marriage and law governing it, information targeted at specific age brackets and information for teachers and health professionals.
  • Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs, Forced Marriage advice website.

    The Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 (as amended) contains offences regarding forced marriage. It is illegal to cause a person to enter a forced marriage, and to be a party to a forced marriage. Being a party to a forced marriage means agreeing to marry a person who you know or suspect is a victim of forced marriage, unless you are a victim of the forced marriage yourself. The website covers the following issues:

    • Australia's response to forced marriage
    • Australia's forced marriage offences
    • Other laws relating to forced marriage
    • Signs that someone may be at risk of forced marriage
    • Forced marriage community pack
    • Forced marriage community pack documents in community language
    • Support and advice
  • A UK government resource developed alongside the statutory guidance “The Right to Choose” issued in 2008 under the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act 2007. The statutory guidance sets out the responsibilities of Chief Executives, Directors and Senior Managers within agencies involved with handling cases of forced marriage.

    This document seeks to supplement the statutory guidance with advice and support to front line practitioners who have responsibilities to safeguard children and protect adults from the abuses associated with forced marriage. It sets out a multi-agency response and encourages agencies to cooperate and work together closely to protect victims.